Tax Strategies for Entertainers

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At Alamir CPA & Associates, Inc., we show all types of entertainers how to save money on taxes. When we become your accountant, we'll make sure you take advantage of tax breaks and deductions that are unique to the industry. We work with everyone from stuntmen and women to actors, film crew members, directors, producers, and social media influencers.

Tax Deductions: Loan Out Corporations

Setting up a loan out corporation allows an entertainment professional to be paid through a separate legal entity which can bring tax advantages. Once the loan out corporation is established, when the entertainer gets paid by a production company (or other business), the checks are made payable to the corporation instead of the individual. This allows the entertainer to deduct business-related expenses that are only deductible for corporations.

The potential for tax savings are significant but there are costs associated with this arrangement. These include annual accounting and bookkeeping, incorporation fees, and annual tax return preparation. We can help you determine whether a loan out corporation is the best tax strategy for your situation.

Tax Reduction Planning

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